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To Jason

I knew you only online, but you became a friend and now your gone. RIP my friend I will miss you but your fight with cancer is over be at peace and may the arms of the angles take you to heaven.

Jason Alexander Fielding 14/03/2007


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Bipolar Mood Dissorder

WTF is probably what your thinking, but i will place this post here because its what I suffer with every day of my life, I hate it, and i should credit the Australian health services for the brochure from which this post came from.

What is bipolar mood disorder?

Biploar mood disorder is the new name for what was called manic depressive illness.  The new name is used as it better describes the extreme mood swings -from depression and sadness to elation and excitement- that people with this illness experience.

People with Bipolar mood disorder experience recurrent episodes of depressed and elated moods. Both can be mild to severe.

The term “maina” is used to describe the most severe state of extreme elation and overactivity.

Some People with bipolar disorder do not experience depressive episodes – only epeisodes of elation and excitement.

What are the symptoms of bipolar mood disorder?


Common symptoms include varying degrees of the following:

* Elevated Mood- the person feels extremely high, happy and full of energy.  The experience is often described as feeling on top of the world and being invincible
* Increased energy and over activity.
* Reduced need for sleep
* Irritablility – the person may get angry and irritable with people who disagree or dismiss their sometimes unrealistic plans or ideas.
* Rapid thinking and speech-thoughts are more rapid than usual.  This can lead to the person speaking quickly and jumping from subject to subject
* Lack of inhibitions – this can be the result of the person’s reduced ability to foresee the consequences of their actions.  For example, spending large amounts of money, buying items which are not really needed.
* Grandiose plans and beliefs – it is common for people experiencing mania to believe they are unusually talented or gifted or are kings, films stars or prime ministers, for example.  It is common for religious beliefs to intesify or for people with this illness to believe they are an important religious figure.
* Lack of inisght – a person experiencing mania may understand that other people see their ideas and actions as inapproprate, reckless or irrational.  However they are unlikely to recognise the behaviour as inappropriate in themselves


Many people with bipolar mood disorder experience depressive episodes.

This type of depression can be triggered by a stressful or unhappy event, but more commonly occurs without obvious cause.

The person loses interest and pleasure in activities enjoyed before. They may withdraw and stop seeing friends, avoid social activities and cases simple tasks such as shopping and showering.

They are overwhelmed by a deep sadness, lose thier appetite, subsequently lose weight, cannot concerntrate and may experience associated feelings of guilt or hopelessness.

Some attempt suicide because life becomes meaningless or they feel too guilty to go on.

Others develop false beliefs (delusions) of persecution or guilt, or that they are evil

Normal Moods

Most people who have episodes of mania and depression experience normal moods in between.  They are able to live normal lives, manage household and business commitments and hold down a job.

Everyone experiences mood swings from time to time.  It is when these moods become extreme and lead to a failure to cope with life that medical attention is necessary.

What causes bipolar mood disorder?

Bipolar mood disorder affects two people in every hundered of the Australian population.

Men and women have an equal chance of developing the disorder. It is most common in people in their twenties.

It is believed that bipolar mood disorder is caused by a combination of factors including genetcis, biochemistry, stress and even the seasons.

Genetic Factors

Studies on close relations, identical twins and adopted children whose natural parents have bipolar mood disorder strongly suggest that the illness is genetically transmitted, and that children of parents with bipolar mood disorder have a greater risk of developing the disorder.

Biochmical Factors

Mania, like major depression is believed to be associated with a chemical imbalance in the brain which can be corrected with medication.


Stress may play a part in triggering symptoms, but not always. Sometimes the illness itself may cause the stressful event (such as divorce or a failed business), which may then be blamed for the illness.


Mania is more common in spring and depression in early winter. The reason for this is not clear.

What Treatments are available ?

Effective treatments are available for depressive and manic episodes of bipolar mood disorder.

For the depressive phase of this illness, anti-depressants are effective.  Anti-depressants are not addictive.  They slowly return the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain taking 1 – 4 weeks to achieve their positive effects.

Medication should be adjusted only under medical supervision, as some people may experience the onset of a manic phase.

It may be necessary to admit a person with severe depression to hospital for a time.

When people are in a manic phase, it can often be difficult to persuade them that they need treatment.  It may sometimes be necessary to admit the person to hospital if the symptoms are severe.

During acute or severe attacks of mania, several different medications are used.  Some are specifically used to calm the person’s manic excitement; others are used to help stabilise the persons mood.

Medications such as lithium are also used as preventive measures, as they help to control mood swings and reduce the frequency and severity of depressive and manic phases.

Pyschotherapy and counselling are used with medication to help the person understand the illness and better manage ts effects on their life.

With access to appropriate treatment and support, most people with bipolar mood disorder lead full and productive lives.

Where to go for help.

* Your general parctitioner.
* Your community Health centre
* Your community mental health centre.

For more information on services, check the Comminty Help and Welfare Services 24-hour emergency numbers in your local telephone directory.


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Ok this is a pic of me, you wont get another one unless i am feeling brave or I am drunk lol.


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The Mundane

Ok now I am going to post about one of those things that is familiar to most guys and some girls. Whats that you ask, well mowing the lawn. One of those mundane jobs that you have to do more often than you would like. Well today was my day to mow the grass.

Front lawn

I however pose a question which is easier mowing it before it gets long as in its a quicker job you just have to do it more often or mow it once its long and do it all at once.

I know for a fact that it takes longer when you are mowing the grass when its longer because you have to stop more often to empty the grass catcher. But it makes me wonder if you would spend the same amount of time mowing of you did it say twice instead of once? I am sure some person at a university somewhere has done a thesis on this very item, after all someones tax dollars had to be wasted.

Anyway below is the back lawn something I dont have to mow, thats the housemates problem, he lets the back lawn get away badly and it takes him like an hour to mow such a small area, again the question…

Back lawn really long

So next time your out on the lawn mower and your thinking there has to be an easier way to do this mundane task you know you could be right.


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Miss Zoe is Here

Well, I have zoe here today, actually got her a day early as her mum rang me to ask me when I was having her. Normally I would only get her Sunday and send her home Monday but, becuase School is starting again soon, that will not be possible so I got her last night being Saturday night and she stayed, I will keep her here again tonight and take her back to her mums in the morning tomorrow.  That will mean I will have had her here for 2 nights wooo hooo..

Anyway we have had fun so far she has slept in my new room with me, we have been out in the rain (dont worry its warm rain remember I am in the tropics) to get McDonalds for breakfast.  we have been making paper planes and she has been drawing. We were going to go swiming but not when its raining its not worth it.

Anyway Zoe is sitting her reading this as I am typing it and picking up my spelling mistakes.. she just put a cape on me and made me super dad lol.

Its time to go check on the pizza I am heating up for a late lunch so catch you all later

Horsey (littlepony)

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Dead Blogs

Is it just me or are there a lot of dead blogs out there that people have just abandoned.  I know i just left my old blog but at least i did up a post saying so.  I have just spent the best part of an hour and a half flicking through the blog finder to see that most of them havent been writen on in some time, going back as far as June last year in one case.  No messages saying goodbye nor messages I have started another blog, they just sit there abandoned.

Its a shame its like that.  But  it seems some people just give up on their blogs.  For me I might go a couple of days or a week or so without posting but I always come back.  Its just something I do.  I suppose I dont understand those that want to leave theirs unfinished or not completed.  As for me I always write a goodbye post letting my readers know I am leaving the blog and that if they want the can follow me to my new one.

Just my thoughts


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Hello world!

Well I did it I finally moved away from Opera, for those who followed me here thank you for your continued reading though none of you actually post a comment. I made the move for lots of reasons most of them layed out in the last post at Opera. I now have a new home here and as it says above its my home on the web . I will be back posting about stuff in general and also I will feel more free to talk about what it has been like for me since I came out as a gay man this past year. I hope I dont offend anyone as I can assure you that is not my intention but I hope you find my reading though tough at times entertaining.


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