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I enter your yard but you are not there,  I walk in your house but there is silence, I sleep in your bed but your not here. I seek your company but you are far away, I dream at night of your arms around me, of your gentle kiss.  I dream of our passionate times together to wake at dawn with you still far away.

I know its not long till you return but my heart aches for yours.  I love you and miss you.



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Yeah i know I havent been round much at all since August, have been a bit busy and to be honest I havent known what to say to everyone.  Looks like Uncensored has gone I hope he is ok, because  his blog has been pulled to bits. It was an interesting read, and i will miss him.

Zoe is still leaving Im down to 4 visits now before she leaves, my man is heading away over christmas to be with his family so i will most likely be house sitting and will have zoe during the christmas new year period.. up untill a couple of days before she heads out of my life.  Looking forward to having her but not her leaving.  Think it will be a real test of how far I have come mentally as to how i react after she has left.

Will leave this post short, i will try and post again in a couple of days

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